Maternal Hyperglycemia And Children's Arterial Stiffness
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摘要Abstract body: 482 boys and 444 girls born to mothers who had joined the HAPO study were assessed at 7 years of age for their blood pressure (BP) and carotid-femoral pulse wave velocity (cf-PWV). We performed linear regression analysis to study the associations of maternal plasma glucose (PG) levels at OGTT between 24 and 32 weeks of the index pregnancy with children’s BP and cf-PWV. Maternal 1-h and 2-h PG were associated with children’s BP, after adjustment for maternal hypertensive status and children’s age and sex. For each standard deviation (SD) increase in the maternal fasting, 1-hr and 2-hr glucose levels at OGTT between 24 and 32 weeks of the index pregnancy, there was corresponding increase in the risk of arterial stiffness in the offspring, after adjustment for confounding variables as shown in the Table. The associations were independent of children’s blood pressure. The association between cord blood C-peptide levels and children’s cf-PWV was evident only in girls, but not boys, independent of their blood pressure.
Maternal hyperglycemia in pregnancy and fetal hyperinsulinemia are independently associated with offspring’s cardiovascular risk at 7 years of age
著者Tam Wing H., Ma Ronald C., Yuen Connie L., Chan Juliana C.
會議名稱The American Diabetes Association 77th Scientific Sessions
會議地點San Diego
關鍵詞Pregnancy, Hyperglycemia

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