A comparative study on the indoor thermal comfort and energy consumption of typical public rental housing types under near-extreme summer conditions in Hong Kong
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摘要Residents of the dense urban environment in Hong Kong suffer from poor living conditions due to building overheating, especially during near-extreme summer conditions. In this study, the thermal comfort and energy performance of typical public rental housing (PRH) building types were simulated using DesignBuilder. Results show that the oldest Slab type PRH, which has a compact building form, has the highest indoor air temperature, yet the lowest cooling energy demand. On the other hand, the Trident type PRH, with the largest external wall U-value, performs the worst overall and is the most responsive to outdoor temperature changes.
著者Yu Ting Kwok, Kevin Ka-Lun Lau, Alan Kwok Lung Lai, Pak Wai Chan, Yahya Lavafpour, Justin Ching Kwan Ho, Edward Yan Yung Ng
期刊名稱Energy Procedia
出版社Elsevier: Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial No-Derivatives License
頁次973 - 978
關鍵詞Building simulation, thermal comfort, energy performance, summer reference year (SRY), Hong Kong public rental housing

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