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AbstractThe Hong Kong Review of Books is an international book review site launched in 2016. We are an English-speaking Hong Kong platform for discussion of books with a focus on global politics and critical theory, as well as philosophy, literary fiction and international poetry.

We are particularly interested in what we think of as ‘radical’ texts: any text which challenges normative ideas, assumptions and practices. This will inform our decision of whether or not to review a book. By radical we mean any text which makes the reader think critically, challenging the ideas of our present moment. We will, of course, accept ‘radical’ reviews of ‘conservative’ books.

There are three main sections to the website. The 'HKRB Reviews' reviews books published within the last year. The ‘HKRB Interviews’ series has a specific focus on critical theory and philosophy. The ‘HKRB Essays’ series treats topical and political issues across the world. We are particularly receptive to work related to Hong Kong or Mainland China, but this is not a prerequisite.
All Editor(s) ListAlfie Bown Kim Clarke
Detailed descriptionI am the co-editor of HKRB, a project launched in 2016. We are now associated with The Los Angeles Review of Books and have nearly 5000 followers. Last year HKRB ran a student internship at Chinese University of Hong Kong.
LanguagesEnglish-United Kingdom

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