HIV Linkage to Care and Retention in Care Rate Among MSM in Guangzhou, China
Publication in refereed journal


摘要Quantifying HIV service provision along the HIV care continuum is increasingly important for monitoring and evaluating HIV interventions. We examined factors associated with linkage and retention in care longitudinally among MSM (n = 1974, 4933 person-years) diagnosed and living in Guangzhou, China, in 2008-2014. We measured longitudinal change of retention in care (≥2 CD4 tests per year) from linkage and antiretroviral therapy initiation (ART). We examined factors associated with linkage using logistic regression and with retention using generalized estimating equations. The rate of linkage to care was 89% in 2014. ART retention rate dropped from 71% (year 1) to 46% (year 2), suggesting that first-year retention measures likely overestimate retention over longer periods. Lower CD4 levels and older age predicted retention in ART care. These data can inform interventions to improve retention about some subgroups.
著者Ngai Sze Wong, Jessica Mao, Weibin Cheng, Weiming Tang, Myron S. Cohen, Joseph D. Tucker, Huifang Xu
期刊名稱AIDS and Behavior

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