Noncoding Centromeric RNA Expression Impairs Chromosome Stability in Human and Murine Stem Cells
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AbstractWe analyzed the effect of transcribed noncoding RNA centromeric satellites on chromosome segregation in normal human and murine stem and fibrosarcoma cells. The overexpression of different centromeric alphoid DNAs in all cell lines induced a marked increase in chromosome mis-segregation in anaphase. Overexpression of centromeric mouse minor satellite also increased chromosome instability in the murine stem but not in human cells. Analysis of chromosome segregation in vivo showed disturbances in the mitotic progression, which was frequently unresolved. Live cell imaging revealed that overexpression of centromeric satellites resulted in several different chromosomal morphological errors in the cell nuclei. Our findings correlated with other reports that several centromeric noncoding RNAs are detected in different carcinoma cells and their expression resulted in segregation errors. Our study furnishes further insights into a novel source of genomic instability in human and murine cells. It has recently been shown that noncoding centromeric RNAs are present in some form of cancer, and thus, overexpression of several types of centromeric noncoding RNAs may be useful as a specific maker for neoplastic cells.
Acceptance Date04/06/2017
All Author(s) ListDavid Y. L. Chan, Daniela Moralli, Suhail Khoja, Zoia L. Monaco
Journal nameDisease Markers
Volume Number2017
PublisherHindawi Ltd
Place of PublicationNetherlands
LanguagesEnglish-United States

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