Personal Fine Particles (PM2.5) Mass and Components Exposures in the General Population of Hong Kong: Variability and Contributing Factors
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摘要Personal fine particles (PM2.5) exposure study was conducted in the general population (48 subjects, 18-65 years of age) of Hong Kong during the summer and winter of 2014-2015. Personal PM2.5 exposures ranged from 3.5 to 110.9 µg/m3 with an overall mean of 35.4 (±19.5) µg/m3, which was comparable to the stationary ambient PM2.5 levels (35.3 ± 19.4 µg/m3). We applied mixed-effects models to further investigate the determinants of personal exposure to PM2.5 mass and chemical components, as well as within- and between-individual variance components. Additional model inputs include information from individual’s activity diaries. In the present study, the within-individual variance dominated the total variability for all investigated exposure data except for PM2.5 and EC. Ambient PM2.5 concentration was the dominated predictor of (R2β = 0.03-0.59, p < 0.001) and the largest contributor (14.2-99.0%) to personal exposures for PM2.5 mass and components. Moreover, season and occupation were important factors (R2β: 0.03-0.06, p < 0.05) that affect personal PM2.5 exposures and contribute to modifying personal-ambient correlations (Pearson’s r, 0.46-0.73). Subsequently, adjusted mixed-effects models including activities as covariates, identified season (NH4+, NO3-, elements), occupation (OC, EC, Ca2+, S, Zn, Pb), time spent at home (Ca2+, SO42-, oxalate), time spent in transit (EC, Ti, V, Fe), cooking (NH4+, NO3-), and cleaning (OC, V) as significant determinants for PM2.5 components, contributing to 5.5-96.8% of the variability in personal exposures. Our results indicated that ambient measurements from fixed sites were insufficient as a proxy of personal exposures in Hong Kong, especially for adult subjects who were more active or less sedentary. We suggest it is of great importance to perform long-term monitoring to evaluate the complexity of factors that contribute to personal exposures.
著者Xiao-Cui Chen, Tony J. Ward, Jun-Ji Cao, Shun-Cheng Lee, Judith C Chow, Gabriel NC Lau, Steve HL Yim, Kin-Fai Ho
會議名稱2017 International Society of Exposure Science Annual Meeting
會議地點Research Triangle Park, North Carolina
關鍵詞Personal exposure, Fine particles, Determinants, Environmental monitoring, Population-based studies

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