Breaking down stereotypes in the host environment
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摘要Recent study abroad research suggests that many international exchange students find it challenging to build meaningful multicultural friendships and spend much of their free time socializing with co-nationals in their first language. With limited gains in intercultural competence and host language proficiency, they may return home with reinforced stereotypes and little interest in intercultural interactions. With these research findings in mind, at a Hong Kong university, I developed a fully online course to challenge stereotypes and enhance the intercultural awareness of international exchange students while they are in the host country. The course draws on multiple theories and constructs: contemporary notions of intercultural competence and intercultural mentoring, critical reflection and experiential learning, poststructuralist perspectives of identity expansion, and a social constructivist orientation towards online pedagogy. It also incorporates the findings of my investigations of the language and intercultural learning of both incoming and outgoing international exchange students.
After providing an overview of the course, this poster will focus on the asynchronous threaded discussions. Excerpts from the Forum on ‘Stereotyping and Otherization’ will be presented to illustrate growth in intercultural learning. This pedagogical approach is apt to be relevant for students and intercultural educators in other contexts.
著者Jane Jackson
會議名稱European Association of International Education (EAIE) Conference
會議論文集題名EAIE Proceedings
關鍵詞intercultural education, stereotyping, online education, study abroad

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