Crowd-Sourced Storage-Assisted Demand Response in Microgrids
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摘要Œis paper studies the problem of utilizing heterogeneous energy storage systems, including electric vehicles and residential baŠeries, to perform demand-response in microgrids. Œe objective is to minimize the operational cost while ful€lling the demand-response requirement. Œe design space is to select and schedule a subset of available storage devices that are heterogeneous in operating cost, capacity, and availability in time. Designing a performanceoptimized
solution, however, is challenging due to the combinatorial nature of the problem with mixed packing and covering
constraints, and the essential need for online solution design in practical scenarios where both demand-response requirement and the pro€le of user-owned storage systems arrive online. We tackle these challenges and design several online algorithms by leveraging a recent theoretical computer science technique which uses a problem-speci€c exponential potential function to solve online mixed packing and covering problems. We show that the fractional
version of the algorithm achieves a logarithmic bi-criteria competitive ratio. Empirical trace-driven experiments demonstrate that our algorithms perform much beŠer than the theoretical bounds and achieve close-to-optimal performance.
著者M. Hajiesmaili, M. Chen, E. Mallada, C. Chau
會議名稱The eighth International Conference on Future Energy Systems (ACM e-Energy 2017)
會議地點Hong Kong
會議國家/地區中國, 香港

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