A Third Way – Creative Criticism
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AbstractThis talk is about the art of criticism - about how we read texts or, more broadly understood, how we have been taught to talk about objects of enquiry. It arises from thinking about the changes that the rather new philosophical movement of object-oriented philosophy seems to instruct in the way in which we read and write about literature. This talk suggests that if the (literary) critic is to be faithful to the basic tenets of an object-oriented philosophy then she must pursue a rather different kind of criticism to the one that we have been trained to conduct. Indeed, it is argued that the critic must pursue a creative criticism - that is, a style of criticism which is defined by a genuine recognition of the creative moments by which the reader becomes writer in the act of critique. What does such a creative criticism look like? How does one begin to write this kind of criticism? How can it be graded? These are just some of the questions that this talk will look to answer. But, the main concern of all of this is to re-enliven the personal encounters that we have with literature. In other words, it is to lessen the notion of reading literature as discipline in order to re-legitimize the act of reading for pleasure. The wager here is that recovering this kind of pleasure in reading leads to a more honest and, in that, more meaningful criticism to the one that we already know (even if it is so only for the critic herself).
All Author(s) ListHAMILTON Grant
Name of ConferencePolyU Writing Roundtable 2017
Start Date of Conference19/05/2017
End Date of Conference19/05/2017
Place of ConferencePolyU
Country/Region of ConferenceHong Kong
LanguagesEnglish-United Kingdom
KeywordsCreative Criticism, OOO, Speculative Realism

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