Upright, Prone and Supine Spinal Morphology and Alignment in Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis
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摘要BACKGROUND CONTEXT: Adolescent idiopathic scoliosis (AIS) patients are exposed to ten times more radiation as compared to healthy adolescents; this leads to an increased risk of developing malignancies. In order to minimise the radiation exposure, non-ionising imaging modalities (magnetic resonance imaging [MRI]) can be used.
PURPOSE: To evaluate the correlation between the morphology of the spine on conventional radiographs and 3-D scans (prone computed tomography [CT] and supine MRI) in AIS.
STUDY DESIGN/SETTING: Cross-sectional.
PATIENT SAMPLE: 62 AIS patients had undergone standard preoperative work-up (upright radiographs, supine MRI and prone CT).
OUTCOME MEASURES: Cobb angles, thoracic kyphosis, lumbar lordosis and apical vertebral rotation (2-D: Perdriolle, 3-D: semi-automatic software).
METHODS: In all positions, the outcome measures were determined. Furthermore, on reconstructed 3-D MRI CT scans, the true sagittal and coronal morphology were measured semi-automatically (previously validated).
RESULTS: In the thoracic and (thoraco) lumbar curves, Cobb angles correlated between radiographs (68±15° and 44±17°), supine MRI (57±14° and 35±16°) and prone CT (54±15° and 33±15°; r≥0.89; p<.001). The rotation showed a correlation between the positions (upright: 22±12°; prone: 20±9°; and supine: 16±11°; r≥0.56; p<.001). The thoracic kyphosis and lumbar lordosis on X-rays did not correlate with the true sagittal morphology on MRI or CT.
CONCLUSIONS: Although there is underestimation of the morphology of the 3-D spinal curvature in the supine position as compared to upright, there is a significant correlation of the deformation in the different positions and imaging modalities. Therefore, accurate estimation of the upright morphology of AIS is possible using non-ionising supine MRI or prone CT.
著者Rob Brink, Dino Colo, Tom Schlösser, Koen Vincken, Marijn van Stralen, Steve Hui, Shi Lin, Winnie Chu, Jack Cheng, René Castelein
會議名稱Euro Spine 2016
會議論文集題名The Spine Journal
期次4 Supplement
頁次S81 - S81

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