Aspiring to Motility: Chinese Petty Entrepreneurs in Italy
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摘要This paper focuses on the daily mobility of Chinese petty entrepreneurs in Italy, aiming to understand the everyday dynamics of Chinese immigration in a host society. Drawing on the conception of motility (Kaufmann et al. 2004; Kaufmann 2011), the authors have elaborated on the specific kinds of access and inaccessibility, as well as the skills and aspirations that characterize Chinese petty entrepreneurs in the Italian context. Drawing from extensive ethnographic evidence, the authors then discuss why the Chinese petty entrepreneurs, who are generally from the Wenzhou area, are able to have such motility. The paper argues that ethnicity is sometimes just a discursive representation, but entrepreneurial subjectivities drive motility by deploying a system of capitals. In other words, the immigrants acquire mobility not because they are Wenzhouese, but because their subjectivity is embodied through Wenzhouese entrepreneurship. Furthermore, these Chinese immigrants create their own imaginative geographies of the cities they live in, which is crucial to understanding how Chinese capitalism is grounded in nuanced ways.
著者Grazia Ting Deng, Allen Hai Xiao
編輯Ikuko Sagiyama, Valentina Pedone
書名Transcending Borders: Selected papers in East Asian studies
出版社Firenze University Press

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