Using Simulation to Examine Operational Efficiency Enhancement in a Hospital Emergency Room through Adoption of a Fast Service Track
Refereed conference paper presented and published in conference proceedings


摘要Overcrowding in hospital emergency departments has been reported in regions around the globe, and in many cases the situation is worsening. In order to alleviate overcrowding, hospital administrators have been studying and implementing different solutions for the enhancement of system efficiency. This work adopts a simulation approach to examine the implications of a fast service track on the efficiency of service provision. Our simulation experiments help examine possible tradeoffs between the waiting times of different types of patients when the fast track is adopted. We also found that the adoption of a fast-track system can be more beneficial, in terms of the reduction in overall patient waiting time, to emergency departments which have a higher proportion of urgent patients.
著者Kuo Y.H., Leung J.M.Y., Graham C.A., Tsoi K.K.F., Meng H.
會議名稱International Symposium on Scheduling, 2017
關鍵詞Emergency department, Patient flow, Simulation, Fast Track

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