An organic water-gated ambipolar transistor with a bulk heterojunction active layer for stable and tunable photodetection
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AbstractOrganic water-gated transistors (OWGTs) have emerged as promising sensing architectures for biomedical applications and environmental monitoring due to their ability of in-situ detection of biological substances with high sensitivity and low operation voltage, as well as compatibility with various read-out circuits. Tremendous progress has been made in the development of p-type OWGTs. However, achieving stable n-type operation in OWGTs due to the presence of solvated oxygen in water is still challenging. Here, we report an ambipolar OWGT based on a bulk heterojunction active layer, which exhibits a stable hole and electron transport when exposed to aqueous environment. The device can be used as a photodetector both in the hole and electron accumulation regions to yield a maximum responsivity of 0.87 A W−1. More importantly, the device exhibited stable static and dynamic photodetection even when operated in the n-type mode. These findings bring possibilities for the device to be adopted for future biosensing platforms, which are fully compatible with low-cost and low-power organic complementary circuits.
All Author(s) ListHaihua Xu, Qingqing Zhu, Tongyuan Wu, Wenwen Chen, Guodong Zhou, Jun Li, Huisheng Zhang, and Ni Zhao
Journal nameApplied Physics Letters
Volume Number109
Issue Number21
LanguagesEnglish-United Kingdom

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