Dilemmas of Putting Information Literacy (IL) in Place: The Case of Using IL for Teaching Enhancement in the ‘Public and Community Art” Course at CUHK
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摘要Information literacy (IL) has been recognized as an important set of abilities to acquire and assess knowledge using information collection skills. The literature of IL discusses the definition, beneficial role of IL in undergraduate education as well as its implementation. However, studies were set in and presumed formal education in a traditional classroom setting. The use of IL to facilitate the innovative pedagogy of experiential teaching has not been explored. The present paper documents a librarian–academic collaborative initiative that applies digital technology to enhance the IL of undergraduate students. It also evaluates the effect of this initiative. The context for this initiative is the “public and community art” course for the BA Program in Cultural Management in Hong Kong. This paper argues that although IL is an encouraging concept for advancing knowledge, the establishment of IL faces many challenges. Fostering students’ active learning attitudes, raising their awareness of IL, and formulating a conducive university administrative environment are the most pressing concerns in implementing IL.
著者Jane Zheng, Leo Ma
會議名稱Research Institute for Digital Culture and Humanities Conference
會議地點Hong Kong
關鍵詞information literacy, cultural management, public and community art, SketchUp training, information search

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