Development and evaluation of multimedia interventions to promote breast and cervical health among South Asian women: A project protocol
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摘要Recent studies conducted in the local community indicate that the uptake rates of breast and cervical cancer screening among South Asian ethnic minorities are lower than those of the general population. The development of
interventions to promote these minorities’ awareness of breast and cervical health and the importance of cancer
screening is therefore required. This study protocol aims to develop culturally sensitive multimedia interventions
to promote awareness of breast and cervical cancer prevention among South Asian women in Hong Kong, and
to evaluate the outcomes of such interventions using a Reach‑Effectiveness‑Adoption‑Implementation‑Maintenance
framework. By using a multimedia approach and developing socio‑culturally relevant and linguistically appropriate
educational materials, information related to cancer and accessible preventive measures for breast and cervical cancer is expected to be disseminated more effectively among South Asian women and ultimately increase their awareness of engaging in healthy lifestyles and taking part in cancer screening tests. Successful engagement of community
partners will enhance the future sustainability of the project.
著者Winnie K. W. So, Dorothy N. S. Chan, Tika Rana, Bernard M. H. Law, Doris Y. P. Leung, Helen Y. L. Chan, C. C Ng, Sek Ying Chair, Carmen W. H. Chan
期刊名稱Asia-Pacific Journal of Oncology Nursing
頁次361 - 365

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