Revisit role-playing activities in foreign language teaching and learning: Remodeling learners’ cultural identity?
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AbstractRole-playing activities are very common teaching activities used by teachers in the foreign language teaching
field. Issues concerning role-playing activities are not new topics in the literature of foreign language teaching,
however in an observation teachers have two extreme views on the effectiveness of role-playing activities.
One is that such kind of activities is useful in foreign language teaching especially in speaking classes.
On the other hand, there are opposite views saying that such kind of activities shows very little effect on language
teaching, particularly when there lacks skillful facilitation on the part of the teachers. The observation
shows that there is still some room to study role-playing activities in language classroom. By adopting research
methodologies such as focus group study of language teachers and classroom observations, this paper
presents a study on role-playing in language teaching using data and examples from teaching Chinese as a
Second Language (CSL). This paper attempts to analyze role-playing activities design and the cultural identity
of the roles assigned in the activities.
All Author(s) ListSiu-lun LEE
Journal nameElectronic Journal of Foreign Language Teaching (e-FLT)
Volume Number12
Issue Number1
PublisherNational University of Singapore
Place of PublicationSingapore
Pages346 - 359
LanguagesEnglish-United States

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