Theorizing Se: Re-Imagining the Sociology of Sexuality in Mainland China
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摘要Recent decades have witnessed a global turn in sociology, which is characterized by the entanglement of the reflections on the dominant Northern perspectives and the efforts of indigenization in local context, including China. This paper examines the failed indigenization project of the sociology of sexuality in mainland China, and provides new way of thinking by theorizing se (色). We illustrate the complicated intersections between the North and the South, the global and the local, the past and the present in sociological studies of sexuality in mainland China, based on which the gap between Northern theorizations of sexuality and Chinese realities could be well presented. In order to capture, to exemplify, and to go beyond this gap, we examine the culture of se in ancient China, the contemporary interpretation, or invention of it, as well as its potentials for sociological studies of sexuality. Taking the sociology of homosexuality as an example, we further argue for a framework that juxtaposes a provincialization of the Northern theorizations, and a connected sociological approach to the so-called “local”, or “indigenous” wisdoms. This research contributes to the sociology of sexuality in mainland China by providing new possibilities to re-imagine the landscape; it also builds on the emerging criticisms on the North dominant knowledge production of sociology by offering a Chinese case of “indigenization”.
著者LUO Muyuan, SUEN Yiu Tung
會議名稱Global Southern Perspectives: International Workshop
會議地點Hong Kong

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