Dietary β‐sitosterol is more potent in reducing plasma cholesterol than sesamin in hypercholesterolemia hamsters
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摘要Plant sterols have become very popular as a health supplement while sesamin is a promising natural compound in management of hypercholesterolemia. The present study was to compare the cholesterol-lowering potency of sesamin with that of β-sitosterol in hypercholesterolemia hamsters. Thirty-four hamsters were divided into four groups fed one of four diets namely non-cholesterol diet (NCD), 0.2% cholesterol diet (HCD) or one of two experimental diets containing 0.2% cholesterol with addition of 0.2% sesamin (Se) and 0.2% β-sitosterol (Si), respectively, for 9 weeks. Plasma total cholesterol (TC) in hamsters given the NCD, HCD, Se and Si diets was 174.7, 340.3, 308.6, and 272.7 mg/dL, respectively, indicating dietary β-sitosterol had a stronger cholesterol-lowering activity than sesamin. β-Sitosterol was more effective in decreasing liver cholesterol and increasing the excretion of total fecal sterols compared with sesamin. The in vitro study demonstrated that β-sitosterol could displace cholesterol from micelle solutions more than sesamin. It was therefore concluded that dietary β-sitoserol is a better cholesterol-lowering supplement than sesamin at least in this hamster model.

Practical applications: Both sesamin and β-sitosterol are used as health supplements in management of hypercholesterolemia. The present study compared the potency of sesamin in reducing plasma cholesterol compared with that of β-sitosterol. Results found that β-sitosterol exhibited a higher plasma-cholesterol lowering activity than sesamin and thus is a more potent hypocholesterolemia supplement. β-Sitosterol is more effective in reducing plasma cholesterol by displacing cholesterol from micelles than sesamin.
著者Lei Lin, Zhu Hanyue, Zhang Changnan, Wang Xiaobo, Ma Ka Ying, Wang Lijun, Zhao Yimin, Chen Zhen-Yu
期刊名稱European Journal of Lipid Science and Technology
關鍵詞beta-Sitosterol, Cholesterol, Micelles, Sesamin

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