The Role of TRPM2 in Cardiomyocyte Autophagy
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AbstractMelastatin-like transient receptor potential channel 2 (TRPM2), which is a non-specific Ca2+ permeable channel that can be activated by oxidative stress such as ROS and H2O2. And TRPM2 is related to cell death, proliferation and other events. Autophagy is a process for bulk degradation of proteins and organelles that can be stimulated by nutrient deprivation, ischemia/eperfusion and other stress conditions in heart. However, the role and signaling mechanisms of autophagy in heart is very complex .
Here we study the role of TRPM2 in cardiomyocyte autophagy. After starvation for 24 hours, the heart of TRPM2 KO mice showed higher level of LC3 II . But the m-TOR and AMPK phosphorylation level had no significant difference between WT and KO. We injected WT and KO mice with Bafilomycin A1 which is an autophagy flux inhibitor for during starvation. The western blot data showed that LC3 II level was increased with Bafilomycin A1 treatment both in WT and KO group. But the difference between WT and KO group on LC3 II level was disappeared, which indicated that the knockout of TRPM2 may inhibit autophagy flux in mice heart. We also isolated cardiomyocytes from neonatal and adult mice for cell experiment and found that glucose deprivation could induce LC3 II level which indicated this experiment could mimic nutrient deprivation in cardiomyocytes for our study.
All Author(s) ListQiannan ZHAO, Xiaoqiang YAO
Name of ConferenceThe 6th International Ion Channel Conference
Start Date of Conference23/06/2017
End Date of Conference27/06/2017
Place of ConferenceQingdao
Country/Region of ConferenceChina
LanguagesEnglish-United States

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