Differences in Motivation for Venture Creation: A Comparative Analysis
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摘要Unemployment is ubiquitous and has a debilitating effect on individuals. Entrepreneurship has been found to stimulate economic development and job creation. Previous research has identified reasons of nascent entrepreneurs for business start-ups. However, these studies have adopted retrospective approaches in examining these reasons using participants who had already established businesses.This paper examines whether potential entrepreneurs in Hong Kong and Ghana will differ on four categories of motivation for venture creation that have been identified in previous research (namely recognition, independence, learning, and roles). MANOVA results revealed differences in motivation for venture creation between Hong Kong and Ghana. The findings showed that Hong Kong potential entrepreneurs desired to create businesses to gain status and positions in their families and communities. Ghanaian participants were more likely to start new ventures to have better control of their own time whereas Hong Kong participants desired to initiate ventures to have more flexibility for family and personal lives. Whereas the reasons potential entrepreneurs give for business formation are seem to be similar to those of nascent entrepreneurs, our results also highlight interesting differences between the two cultural groups in the reasons for starting businesses. Such findings provide practical implications for career development and entrepreneurial training.
著者Affum-Osei Emmanuel, Kwan Shing Darius Chan
會議名稱The European Conference on Psychology & the Behavioral Sciences
會議地點Brighton, United Kingdom

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