Happiness and Unconventional Life Choices: Views of Single Women in Japan
Chapter in an edited book (author)

摘要This chapter argues that single women face challenges in obtaining happiness because singlehood means that they are living an unconventional life in a society in which the conventional life path of marriage has been clearly staked out. While married women make a choice that is seen as part of the "natural" life course for women, single women feel the need to explain to themselves and others why they have chosen to remain single. Singlehood means freedom from the rigid expectations of marriage, yet it brings financial problems as women earn less than men, are disadvantaged in promotion, and face difficulties of obtaining intimacy and challenges in defining a place for themselves in a family and in society. The chapter argues that single women feel that they need to choose between marriage with its limitations and singlehood with its worries. The decision to remain single, however, also provides opportunities for personal growth and the search for alternative ways of achieving happiness outside conventional life paths for women.
著者Nakano Lynne
編輯Wolfram Manzenreiter, Barbara Holthus
書名Happiness and the Good Life in Japan
出版地New York and London
頁次53 - 66
關鍵詞Japan, women, single, marriage, happiness

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