The "company + peasant" model and the poverty of the Yi ethnic minority: exploring the development of buckwheat industry in Liangshan Sichuan
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AbstractIn Liangshan, the local government promoted the "company + peasant" model of development that hinges on the articulation between capitalist mode of production and family mode of production. This paper draws on 18 months of ethnographic research in the Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture to study the mechanisms and the process of articulation between buckwheat companies and Yi peasants, and the unequal development that follows. The roles of the government’s policies and the aboriginal culture in the economic process are analyzed as well. Research shows that the developmental obstacles of Yi farmers not only include the structural constraints of the market and the appropriations by agribusinesses and retailers, but also the limits of the family mode of production itself.
All Author(s) List阮池茵
Journal name开放时代 Open Times
Volume Number2
Place of PublicationGuangzhou
Pages206 - 223
Keywords凉山彝族农民,贫穷, 苦荞产业, 农业转型

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