A Pilot Study of Numerical Modelling of Mean Radiant Temperature in High-density Sub-tropical Urban Environment
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AbstractOutdoor thermal comfort has been a widely concerned issue in tropical and subtropical cities. In order to assess the conditions of outdoor thermal comfort, quantitative information on different spatial and temporal scales is required. This paper employs a numerical model (SOLWEIG - SOlar and LongWave Environmental Irradiance Geometry) to examine the spatial and temporal variations of mean radiant temperature (Tmrt), as an indicator of outdoor thermal comfort in high-density sub-tropical urban environment in summer. Hourly meteorological data are used in order to obtain the spatial variations of Tmrt and field measurement data are used to assess the performance of the models.

Simulation results show that urban geometry plays an important role in intra-urban differences in summer daytime Tmrt. Open areas are generally warmer than surrounding narrow street canyons. Due to the shading effect of buildings in the study area, street canyons are sheltered from incoming direct solar radiation while open areas are exposed to intense solar radiation, especially along the sunlit walls where high Tmrt is observed due to reflected shortwave radiation and long-wave radiation emitted from the sunlit building walls.

The present study confirms that there are great potential in using urban geometry to mitigate daytime heat stress in the compacted urban environment. In high-density subtropical cities where high daytime Tmrt causes severe thermal discomfort in summer, dense urban structures are able to mitigate the extremely high Tmrt and improve outdoor thermal comfort.

All Author(s) ListREN Chao, LAU Ka Lun, HO Ching Kwan Justin, NG Yan Yung
Name of ConferenceThe Third International Conference on Countermeasures to Urban Heat Island (IC2UHI3)
Start Date of Conference13/10/2014
End Date of Conference15/10/2014
Place of ConferenceVenice
Country/Region of ConferenceItaly
Proceedings TitleProceedings of the Third International Conference on Countermeasures to Urban Heat Island
LanguagesEnglish-United Kingdom

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