The Umbrella Movement in Hong Kong from Comparative Perspectives: Strategies and Legacies
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AbstractAs one of the key pro-democracy movements of the 21st Century, Hong Kong's 'Umbrella Movement' provides important insight into the organization and structure of modern-day social protests. The Umbrella Movement in Hong Kong from Comparative Perspectives provides innovative insight into the movement itself, through the lens of comparative studies of other revolutionary campaigns.Divided into three main sections, the first discusses the theoretical framework behind the movement. The second and third take analysis further with analysis of the causes, strategies and legacies which have shaped previous protests, this book aims to shed light on their impact and on our understanding of social unrest in the digital era.As a comprehensive look into Hong Kong's culture, society and politics, this book is perfect as an introductory text for students who are interested in Hong Kong Studies and comparative social movements.
All Author(s) ListSHEN Xu Hui Simon, Chan Wai Shun Wilson
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PublisherImperial College Press
Place of PublicationLondon, United Kingdom,
Pages1 - 300
LanguagesEnglish-United Kingdom

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