Protective Effects of Verbascoside on Statin-induced Myotoxicity in Zebrafish Embryos
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AbstractMyotoxicity is a well-known side effect of statins, the common lipid-lowering drug. Herba Cistanches (HC, Cistanche deserticola) is a Chinese herb traditionally used for muscle problems. Recent studies demonstrated that HC could reduce muscle damage in post-exercised rats. Verbascoside (Vb) was found as the major constituent in the active fraction of HC and is known to be muscle protective, though its effect on statin-induced muscle toxicity has never been investigated. The aim of this study was to investigate the protective effect of Vb on simvastatin-induced
myotoxicity using zebrafish embryos model. Embryos treated with simvastatin (0 -0.5 µM) at 24 hpf, with or without co- treatment of Vb (0.32 mM, maximum non-cytotoxic dose) were fixed at 48 hpf, and whole muscles were stained using the anti–slow twitch myosin F59 antibody. For each treatment group, the diameters of at least 300 muscle fibers were measured and represented as ratio of mean fiber size against control. Results showed that muscle damage at simvastatin concentrations (0.4 and 0.5 µM) were evidenced by bowing, thin and irregular fibers
with diffuse appearance, while these damages were significantly improved by the co-treatment of Vb. Simvastatin caused significant dose-dependent reduction on myotube diameter as compared to control (61.5 -73.8% vs 100%). Vb (0.32 mM) significantly (p<0.001) prevented the simvastatin-induced reduction in myotube diameter at 0.4
µM (104.7 vs 73.8%) and 0.5 µM (84.6 vs 61.5%) of simvastatin concentrations. In conclusion, our study demonstrated for the first time that verbascoside could protect against simvastatin-induced myotoxicity in vivo.
Acknowledgement: This work was financially supported by Food and Health Bureau HKSAR, Health and Health
Services Research Fund no. 11120831.
All Author(s) ListWAT Chi Ling Elaine, KWOK Hin Fai, NG Chun Fai, KOON Chi Man, SALLE DE CHOU Y, FERRIERE Jessica, TOMLINSON Brian, LAU Bik San Clara
Name of ConferenceJoint Meeting of the GP-TCM Research Association, The TCM Chemistry Specialty Committee and The TCM Pharmaceutical Analysis Specialty Committee of the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies
Start Date of Conference13/07/2015
End Date of Conference15/07/2015
Place of ConferenceMons
Country/Region of ConferenceBelgium
Proceedings TitleWorld Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Volume Number1
Issue Number4
Place of PublicationBelgium, Mons
LanguagesEnglish-United Kingdom

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