The relationships between religious beliefs and teaching among mathematics teachers in the Chinese mainland, Taiwan and Hong Kong
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摘要Despite the fact that the phenomenon of Confucian Heritage Culture Learners has become an educational focus in past decades, it would appear an over-simplification to think that Confucianism is the dominating Chinese school of thought. The Chinese hold various religious beliefs and philosophical thoughts and these thoughts in turn may have different impacts on mathematics teaching. Examining such links between religious beliefs and teaching is precisely the objective of the present chapter. Our focus includes the major religious beliefs of Confucianism, Buddhism and Christianity, and our scope covers three regions: the Chinese mainland, Taiwan and Hong Kong. We first provide an overview on beliefs about teaching among Chinese mathematics teachers, then briefly describe the religious situations in the three regions, and discuss ideological considerations and empirical studies on possible connections between religious beliefs and education in general and mathematics education in particular. Finally, we report on two empirical studies we conducted. The first study is a survey on beliefs about mathematics and mathematics teaching among mathematics teachers holding different religious beliefs in the Chinese mainland, Taiwan and Hong Kong. The second study is a comparative study on the values held in mathematics teaching by a Buddhist mathematics teacher and a Confucian mathematics teacher. Based on these two studies, how teachers' religious beliefs interplay with beliefs about and values in mathematics teaching will be discussed.

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著者Yuh-Chyn LEU, Yip-Cheung CHAN, Ngai-Ying WONG
編輯Lianghuo Fan, Ngai-Ying Wong, Jinfa Cai, Shiqi Li
書名How Chinese teach mathematics: Perspectives from insiders
系列標題Series on Mathematics education
詳細描述ed. by Lianghuo Fan, Ngai-Ying Wong, Jinfa Cai, & Shiqi Li.
出版社World Scientific
頁次653 - 701
關鍵詞Chinese mathematics teachers, religious belief, beliefs about mathematics teaching

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