Culture, Group Processes, and Trust
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摘要This chapter reviews past literature to elucidate the relationship between culture, group processes and trust. Culture has a profound impact on trust, and the underpinning processes are often linked to the shared understanding of the relation between individual and group in a cultural context. The current chapter highlights the impact of culture has on the three separate trust processes – trust formation, dissolution and restoration. Specifically, three contributing factors -- trustor’s characteristics, trustee’s characteristics, and the institutional processes affect trust, but the relative importance of these factors differs across cultures. The chapter concludes by reviewing how cultural lay beliefs and cultural norms can lead to the relative preference for using one of the factors over others in different cultures.
著者KWAN Yan Yee Letty, HONG Ying Yi
編輯Masaki Yuki, Marilynn Brewer
書名Culture and Group Processes
出版社Oxford University Press
出版地New York
頁次93 - 117
關鍵詞Trust, Cultural lay beliefs, Cultural norms, Group processes, Culture, Institutions

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