Chinese Medicinal Herbs against Antibiotic Resistant Bacterial Pathogen
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All Author(s) ListCHAN Chung Lap, LAU Bik San Clara, JOLIVALT C., LUI Sau Lai, GANEM-ELBAZ C., PARIS J., LITAUDON M., FUNG Kwok Pui, LEUNG Ping Chung, IP Margaret
All Editor(s) Listed. by A. Mendez-Vilas.
Book titleMicrobiology Book Series – 2011 Edition, Science against Microbial Pathogens: Communicating Current Research and Technological Advances
Series Titleed. by A. Mendez-Vilas.
Detailed descriptioned. by A. Mendez-Vilas.
PublisherFormatex Research Center
Place of PublicationSpain
LanguagesEnglish-United Kingdom

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