Detection of MicroRNA-135b in Stool of Patients with Advanced Neoplasm: A Potential Non-invasive Screening Biomarker?
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摘要Background: Stool molecular markers, MicroRNAs (miRNA) represent a non-invasive approach to screen for colorectal cancer, but their role in the detection of precancerous lesions in the colon is unclear. We investigated the miRNA expression profile of advanced neoplasms (AN) and further test these markers in stool samples of subjects with high risk adenomas. Methods: Biopsies were obtained during colonoscopy from 18 AN (adenomas >10mm size, >25% villous features, severe dysplasia or carcinoma-in-situ) and their adjacent normal tissues. Expression of miRNA was screened in 2 pairs of AN and adjacent normal tissues using TaqMan Human microRNA array assay (covering 667 human miRNAs). Stool samples were collected from patients with AN (n=22), any other adenomas (n=54), inflammatory bowel disease (n=42) and normal controls (n=42). MiRNA levels in tissue or stool samples were detected by quantitative real-time PCR. Results: Five miRNAs were upregulated (miR-31, miR-200b, miR-649, miR-1254, miR-135b; > 4-fold increased; p<0.001) whilst four miRNA were down-regulated (miR-215, miR-495, miR-582, miR-1243; >5-fold decrease; p<0.001) in AN compared with adjacent normal tissues. Expression of miR-135b (22.5-fold) and miR-31 (31.2-fold) but not miR-200b (1.57-fold), miR-649 (1.15-fold), and miR-1254 (1.12-fold) was significantly higher in 18 pairs of adenoma tissues compared with adjacent normal tissues (p<0.0001). Patients with AN [median, 47.92; IQR: 14.95-150.4)] had significantly higher stool miR-135b levels compared with patients with adenomas (median, 25.89; IQR: 0-57.15) and controls (median, 25.57; IQR: 0-48.61; p<0.05; Figure 1). Stool miR-135b had a sensitivity of 63.64% and a specificity of 66.67% for the diagnosis of AN (Figure 2). Conclusion: We have demonstrated the feasibility of detecting aberrant miRNA expression in stool samples of patients with AN. Stool miR-135b is a potential novel non-invasive biomarker for AN. (Table Presented).AN - WOS:000306994300129
著者NG Siew Chien, LAW Wai Tak, WU Chung-wah, SUEN BY, LAU Yun Wong, CHAN Francis K.L., SUNG Joseph Jao-yiu, YU Jun
會議名稱The Digestive Disease Week 2012
會議地點San Diego
期次Supplement 1
頁次S32 - S33

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