Archiving Chinese Music Materials at the Chinese University of Hong Kong
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All Author(s) ListWITZLEBEN John Lawrence
All Editor(s) Listed. by Anthony Seeger and Shubha Chaudhuri.
Book titleArchives for the Future: Global Perspectives on Audiovisual Archives in the 21st Century
Series Titleed. by Anthony Seeger and Shubha Chaudhuri.
Detailed descriptioned. by Anthony Seeger and Shubha Chaudhuri.\n\nTo ORKTS: co-author TSUI Ying-fai (non CUHK staff, not in database)
PublisherSeagull Books
Place of PublicationIndia, Calcutta
LanguagesEnglish-United Kingdom
KeywordsArchives; Preservation; Ethnomusicology

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