A Unified Flow Scheduling Method for Time Sensitive Networks
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AbstractGiven the network and the time-triggered flow requests of a Time Sensitive Network (TSN), configuring the gate control lists (GCL) of IEEE 802.1Qbv for the ports of each node can be formed as a Job Shop Scheduling Problem, which is NP-hard. At present, most of the existing heuristic solutions for such problems consider scenarios where all given traffic flows can be scheduled. In order to solve the undetermined flow scheduling problem in scenarios no matter whether the flows can be scheduled or not, we propose to maximize the remaining time in conjunction with optimizing the network utilization instead of only minimizing the flowspan. Though the new problem is still NP-hard, it is a unified framework capable of covering general scenarios. On the basis of the new framework, we propose a novel Mixed initial population Genetic Algorithm (MGA) to solve the problem. Extensive simulation evaluation shows that MGA performs better and faster in different network scenarios while other methods prevails only in specific scenarios. This feature makes the method attractive in realistic TSN scheduling applications for in most cases it is hard for users to properly classifying the problem.
All Author(s) ListMingwu Yao, Jiamu Liu, Jing Du, Dongqi Yan, Yanxi Zhang, Wei Liu, Anthony Man-Cho So
Journal nameComputer Networks
Volume Number233
Article number109847
LanguagesEnglish-United States
KeywordsTSN, Scheduling, Network utilization, Remaining time, Unified framework, Mixed initial population, Genetic algorithm

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