Muggle quidditch injury analysis
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摘要Introduction: Quidditch, originating from the Harry Potter novels, has been adopted into a non-magical contact sport played by thousands of players in over 40 countries. As a novel sport, little is known about its injury epidemiology; this study aimed to evaluate injury patterns, understand possible causes, and discuss potential measures to improve game safety.
Methods: Participants were recruited through the Hong Kong Hydras Quidditch Club. An online self-reporting survey adapted from Oslo Sports Trauma Research Centre Overuse Injury Questionnaire (OSTRC-H2) survey was distributed to record their injury history retrospectively between 2017 to 2021. Data collection included player demographics, location, type, severity, and mechanism of injury. Injury incidence rates were calculated as injuries per frequency of athlete exposure (AEs).
Results: An overall injury incidence rate of 4.07 injuries per 1000 Aes were found. The most common mechanisms were jumping/landing from a jump (28.6%) and running/cutting (28.6%). The most common injury site was joints and ligaments (44.4%). Contact injuries amounted to the majority (83.3%) of all injuries, with injuries during practice more common than in-game/in-tournament injuries.
Discussion: Most participants reported injuries sustained during Quidditch games, but no significant risk factors were identified from this small dataset.
Conclusion: Quidditch is a novel contact sport with a low injury incidence of 4.07 per 1000 Aes. There are minimal published papers regarding Quidditch, and larger, more substantial investigations are required to understand the injury epidemiology better.
著者Sin Kiu Tang, Cheuk-Ming Lau, Wai-Kuen Lam, Cheryl Shu-Ming Chia, Patrick Shu-Hang Yung, Samuel Ka-Kin Ling
會議名稱The Hong Kong Orthopaedic Association 42nd Annual Congress
會議地點Hong Kong
頁次103 - 103

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