Quality of life study on Chinese female workers suffering from occupational cadmium poisoning
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摘要This article reports a study of health-related quality of life of female migrant workers suffering from cadmium poisoning in China (a marginalized group of sufferers with a contested illness lacking social power). Using a widely applied measure of quality of life (the WHOQOL-BREF) and making comparisons with a group of healthy women of similar ages and family backgrounds, it was found that this group of sufferers had a very poor quality of life. Among the selected personal variables, age, education level, and receiving (or not receiving) financial compensation were found to be influential factors in determining the sufferers‟ quality of life. The present study calls for more attention from all parties to protect the occupational health of female migrant workers in industries involving the use of heavy metals in the production process.
著者Wu J. , Ho W.C., Lai V.
編輯Guillermo Torres
書名Life Satisfaction: Determinants, Psychological Implications and Impact on Quality-of-Life
出版社Nova Science Publishers, Inc.
頁次101 - 114

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