Accent preferences and the use of American English features in Hong Kong: a preliminary study
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AbstractThe current study examines the use of American English (AmE) pronunciation features among 68 English and English Language/English Education majors at an university in Hong Kong, a former British colony where British English has long been held in prestige. The AmE features examined included rhoticity, flapping, and the lack of a low back vowel distinction in the first syllable of the words such as 'father' vs. 'bother'. The participants' phonological data were analyzed in reference to their linguistic and educational backgrounds, accent preference(s), and factors impacting their linguistic choices. Findings show that while almost all the participants had some features associated with AmE, the degree to which they used AmE markers was related to their preference for AmE, which may in turn be related to the degree to which they were influenced by the American media.
All Author(s) ListEdwards JGH
Journal nameAsian Englishes
Volume Number18
Issue Number3
PublisherAlc Press Inc
Pages197 - 215
LanguagesEnglish-United Kingdom
Keywordsaccents, Americanization, Asian Englishes, attitudes, Hong Kong English
Web of Science Subject CategoriesLinguistics

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