Looking Forward and Looking Back: The Likelihood of an Event's Future Reoccurrence Affects Perceptions of the Time It Occurred in the Past
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AbstractPast events are perceived to be temporally more distant when they are unlikely rather than likely to reoccur in the future. This can be because (a) future events that are unlikely to occur are perceived to be temporally remote and (b) these feelings of remoteness can generalize and influence subjective distance judgments of the events' occurrences in the past. Six studies confirmed this effect and provided insights into the processes that underlie it. Alternative interpretations and implications of the current findings are discussed.
All Author(s) ListSi K, Wyer RS, Dai XC
Journal namePersonality and Social Psychology Bulletin
Volume Number42
Issue Number11
Pages1577 - 1587
LanguagesEnglish-United Kingdom
Keywordsmemory for time; past-future symmetry; reoccurrence likelihood; subjective temporal distance
Web of Science Subject CategoriesPsychology; Psychology, Social

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