Group 6 metallocene(IV)-main group metal complexes: Synthesis and structures of a Mo-B-Li compound and of [w(η-C5H5)2H{SnCl2CH(SiMe 3)2}]
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AbstractThe reaction between [{Mo(η-C5H5)2H(μ-Li)}4] Ia, B(C6H2But
3-2,4,6)Cl2 and Me2NCH2CH2NMe2 (tmen) afforded the crystalline complex [Mo(η-C5H5)H2{(C5H 4)BH(C6H2Bu2 t-4,6-CMe2CH2-2)}{Li(tmen)}] 1, having single hydrido bridges between Li and Mo (Ha) and Li and B (Hc). A single-crystal structure analysis gave the bond distances Mo-Ha 1.66(5), Mo-Hb 1.44(6), Li-Ha 1.67(6), Li-Hc 1.90(6), B-Hc 1.21(5), Mo ⋯ Li 3.08(1) and Li ⋯ B 2.63(1) Å. Detailed multinuclear NMR spectroscopic data for 1 showed that the same structure was retained in [2H8] toluene solution. From Ib (the tungsten equivalent of Ia) and SnX2R′2 [R′ = CH(SiMe3)2′ X = F or Cl] or SnCl3R′ (prepared from SnCl4 and LiR′) the new W-Sn complexes [W(η-C5H5)H(Y)] [Y = SnCl2R′ 2, SnCl(Me)R′, SnFR′2 or SnClR′2] were prepared and characterised. A single-crystal structure determination of 2 gave W-Sn 2.706(1), Sn-C 2.180(8) and average Sn-Cl 2.423(3) Å.
All Author(s) ListBohra R., Hitchcock P.B., Lappert M.F., Au-Yeung S.C.F., Leung W.-P.
Journal nameJournal of the Chemical Society, Dalton Transactions (2001-2002)
Issue Number18
PublisherRoyal Society of Chemistry
Place of PublicationUnited Kingdom
Pages2999 - 3005
LanguagesEnglish-United Kingdom

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