An immune-electron microscopic study on the relationship between nuclear matrix and DNA in rat spermatocytes
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AbstractThe nucleus of the mammalian spermatid undergoes a series of changes in its chromatin and nucleoprotein composition during transport from testis to epididymis. The sperm DNA is very tightly packaged by protamines instead of histones in somatic cells. However, the nuclear matrix and its association with DNA have not yet been definitively scrutinized with the electron microscope. The present study reveals that the protamine-depleted sperm nuclear matrix appears as a network of thick and thin filaments with glodular structures attached the these fibers. Monoclonal antibody to single- and double stranded DNA was used to localize remnant DNA after extraction. By immunofluorescence microscopy, monoclonal antibody against DNA was localized outside the nucleus as a halo. Immuno-electron microscopy showed that gold particles were mainly associated with nuclear matrix surrounding the sperm head. Our results suggest a specific structural organization of sperm DNA with its matrix.
All Author(s) ListCheng-Chew S.B., Chew E.C., Leung P.Y., Yang L., Yam H.F., Jiao R.J., Zhai Z.H.
Journal nameIn Vivo
Volume Number8
Issue Number6
PublisherInternational Institute of Anticancer Research
Place of PublicationGreece
Pages1091 - 1094
LanguagesEnglish-United Kingdom
KeywordsDNA, Nuclear matrix, Spematozoa, Testis

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