Ultrastructural study on the development of the mouse spermatocyte nuclear matrix during epididymal maturation
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AbstractThe rat sperm nucleus, after sequential extraction with detergents, nuclease and ammonium sulfate, consists of a skeletal structure that resembles the original nuclear shape. This chromatin-depleted skeleton is formed by thick and thin fibers as well as globular structures of different sizes. These fibers form anastomosis. The sperm nuclei obtained from testis and caput epididymis exhibits a loose fibrous network with thin fibers at the center. The entire nucleus of the sperm in the caudal epididymis is formed by a dense network of thick and thin fibers. These highly branched matrix fibers had diameters of 35 and 12 nm. It is concluded that the increase in density of the matrix fibers is related to the condensation of the chromatin in the maturation of the spermatozoa.
All Author(s) ListCheng-Chew S.B., Chew E.C., Yang L., Leung P.Y., Yam H.F., Jiao R.J., Zhai Z.H.
Journal nameIn Vivo
Volume Number8
Issue Number3
PublisherInternational Institute of Anticancer Research
Place of PublicationGreece
Pages363 - 366
LanguagesEnglish-United Kingdom
Keywordsepididymis, nuclear matrix, spermatozoa, testis

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