DACT2 silencing by promoter CpG methylation disrupts its regulation of epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition and cytoskeleton reorganization in breast cancer cells
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摘要Wnt signaling plays an important role in breast carcinogenesis. DAPPER2 (DACT2) functions as an inhibitor of canonical Wnt signaling and plays distinct roles in different cell contexts, with its role in breast tumorigenesis unclear. We investigated DACT2 expression in breast cancer cell lines and primary tumors, as well as its functions and molecular mechanisms. Results showed that DACT2 expression was silenced in 9/9 of cell lines. Promoter CpG methylation of DACT2 was detected in 89% (8/9) of cell lines, as well as in 73% (107/147) of primary tumors, but only in 20% (1/5) of surgical margin tissues and in none of normal breast tissues. Demethylation of BT549 and T47D cell lines with 5-aza-2'-deoxycytidine restored DACT2 expression along with promoter demethylation, suggesting that its downregulation in breast cancer is dependent on promoter methylation. Furthermore, ectopic expression of DACT2 induced breast cell apoptosis in vitro, and further inhibited breast tumor cell proliferation, migration and EMT, through antagonizing Wnt/β-catenin and Akt/GSK-3 signaling. Thus, these results demonstrate that DACT2 functions as a tumor suppressor for breast cancer but was frequently disrupted epigenetically in this cancer.
著者Xiang T, Fan Y, Li C, Li L, Ying Y, Mu J, Peng W, Feng Y, Oberst M, Kelly K, Ren G, Tao Q.
頁次70924 - 70935
關鍵詞DACT2, EMT, breast cancer, methylation, tumor suppressor

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