Swarming self-adhesive microgels enabled aneurysm on-demand embolization in physiological blood flow
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AbstractThe recent rise of swarming microrobotics offers great promise in the revolution of minimally invasive embo-lization procedure for treating aneurysm. However, targeted embolization treatment of aneurysm using micro robots has significant challenges in the delivery capability and filling controllability. Here, we develop interventional catheterization-integrated swarming microrobotic platform for aneurysm on-demand emboliza-tion in physiological blood flow. A pH-responsive self-healing hydrogel doped with magnetic and imaging agents is developed as the embolic microgels, which enables long-term self-adhesion under biological condi-tion in a controllable manner. The embolization strategy is initiated by catheter-assisted deployment of swarm-ing microgels, followed by the application of external magnetic field for targeted aggregation of microrobots into aneurysm sac under the real-time guidance of ultrasound and fluoroscopy imaging. Mild acidic stimulus applied to trigger the welding of microgels with satisfactory bio-/hemocompatibility and physical stability realize complete embolization. Our work presents a promising connection between the design and control microrobotic swarms toward practical applications in dynamic environments.
Acceptance Date07/04/2023
All Author(s) ListJin DD, Wang QL, Chan KF, Xia N, Yang HJ, Wang QQ, Yu SCH, Zhang L
Journal nameScience Advances
Volume Number9
Issue Number19
Article numbereadf9278
LanguagesEnglish-United Kingdom
Web of Science Subject CategoriesMultidisciplinary Sciences;Science & Technology - Other Topics

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