Bxb1 integrase serves as a highly efficient DNA recombinase in rapid metabolite pathway assembly
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AbstractPhage-encoded serine integrases are widely used in genetic engineering. They also have the
potential to serve as efficient DNA assemblers, demonstrated by the method of site-specific
recombination-based tandem assembly (SSRTA) that can combine biological parts into devices,
pathways, and systems. Here, four serine integrases, ϕBT1, TG1, ϕRv1, and Bxb1, were investigated
to ascertain their in vitro DNA assembly activities. Bxb1 integrase displayed the highest effi-
ciency to obtain final products. Thus, we conclude that Bxb1 integrase is an excellent choice for
DNA assembly in vitro. Using this enzyme and its recognition sites, BioBrick standards were
designed that are compatible with the SSRTA method for module addition. A rapid and efficient
procedure was developed for the assembly of a multigene metabolic pathway in one step, directly
from non-cutting plasmids containing the gene fragments. This technique is easy and convenient,
and would be of interest to the synthetic biology community.
All Author(s) ListWANG XW, Tang B, Ye Y, Mao YY, Lei XL, Zhao GP, Ding XM
Journal nameActa Biochimica et Biophysica Sinica
Volume Number49
Issue Number1
Pages44 - 50
LanguagesEnglish-United Kingdom
KeywordsBxb1 serine integrase, site-specific recombination, DNA assembly, BioBrick

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