Applying scientific simulation to integrate thermoelectric conductor module into architectural design - Smart wall for thermal comfort
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摘要This paper presents the innovative architectural design concept, which is to integrate the new material and technology into the building design to achieve the thermal comfort and at the same time reduce the energy consumption of the building by making use of the renewable energy, including solar and wind energy. The system is developed based on the idea of regional thermal comfort in building. The advantage of the system is the environmental friendly approach, costless operation, reliability, flexibility, scalability and adaptability for the integration to the building design. With the design concept, we tried to do two application designs in two virtual sites. One is a badminton court for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and the other is a cooling pond in a shopping mall. We will introduce how computational simulation can contribute to the prediction of the performance of the design. We will also discuss how the computation simulation can help in the design optimization process. Through the development of the new design integration of the material to the building, we would like to feedback to the material industry to encourage further collaboration and development in the material enhancement, so that both industries and the society can benefit from the advancement.
著者Yeu T.J., Lee C.Y., Pui M.K., Xu D.R., Jian L., Kim Y.
會議名稱ACADIA 2005 Conference: Smart Architecture
會議地點Savannah, GA
詳細描述organized by ACADIA,\n\nTo ORKTS: The author name, "Yeung Kin", has been mis-typed as "Yeung Kim" in the Proceedgins.
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