What do teachers want to know about their student.s elearning? a study of 70 evaluation plans
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摘要The e3Learning (enrich, extend, evaluate learning; e3L) project in Hong Kong has conducted 70 evaluations of web-assisted courses with teachers in three Hong Kong universities. In this paper the evaluation intentions of teachers are examined. What do teachers wish to learn when they evaluate their teaching? In each e3L sub-project a formal evaluation plan is produced with a range of evaluation questions. Our 70 evaluation plans contained 457 separate evaluation questions. These questions were examined in order to portray the range of Hong Kong university teachers. evaluation intentions and to see whether these changed during the 21/2 years of the project. During the project there was a good balance of interest in looking across the learning environment, learning processes and learning outcomes, with increasing discrimination being shown in articulating what is meant by.learning outcomes. In addition, teachers became more interested in conducting needs analyses and in having formative as well as summative evaluations. © 2005 Carmel McNaught and Paul Lam.
著者Mcnaught C., Lam P.
會議名稱22nd Annual conference of the Australian Society for Computers in Tertiary Education, ASCILITE 2005
會議地點Brisbane, QL
詳細描述organized by ASCILITE,
頁次433 - 443
關鍵詞Evaluation focus, Evaluation plan, Evaluation questions, Evaluation trends

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