The effect of code coverage on fault detection under different testing profiles
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摘要Software testing is a key procedure to ensure high quality and reliability of software programs. The key issue in software testing is the selection and evaluation of different test cases. Code coverage has been proposed to be an estimator for testing effectiveness, but it remains a controversial topic which lacks of support from empirical data. In this study, we hypothesize that the estimation of code coverage on testing effectiveness varies under different testing profiles. To evaluate the performance of code coverage, we employ coverage testing and mutation testing in our experiment to investigate the relationship between code coverage and fault detection capability under different testing profiles. From our experimental data, code coverage is simply a moderate indicator for the capability of fault detection on the whole test set. However, it is clearly a good estimator for the fault detection of exceptional test cases, but a poor one for test cases in normal operations. For other testing profiles, such as functional testing and random testing, the correlation between code coverage and fault coverage is higher in functional test than in random testing, although these different testing profiles are complementary in the whole test set. The effects of different coverage metrics are also addressed in our experiment. Copyright 2005 ACM.
著者Cai X., Lyu M.R.
會議名稱1st International Workshop on Advances in Model-Based Testing, A-MOST '05
會議地點St. Louis, MO
詳細描述organized by ACM & IEEE,
關鍵詞code coverage, fault detection, software testing

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