A secure voter-resolved approval voting protocol over internet
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摘要Electronic online voting has become one of the most popular activities over Internet recently, since it can be performed in a way that is more convenient, faster and cheaper. Security and privacy are always regarded as crucial factors in electronic voting system design. Extensive studies have been made on the electronic voting in the last twenty years, and many schemes have been proposed, in which both the security as well as the effectiveness have been improved. However, most available secure vote schemes mainly focused on the simple "one-man-one-vote" plurality protocol. In this paper, we address the security issues in Approval voting protocol, another important social decision protocol, in which voters can vote for, or approval of, as many candidates as they wish in multi-candidate elections. By employing several cryptographic primitives, such as, homomorphic encryption, mix network, etc., we propose a voter-resolved secure Approval voting scheme over Internet which guarantees the complete privacy protection of the voters as well as the universal verifiability. The "voter-resolved" means that we do not assume the existence of any trusted or semi-trusted authorities in our scheme, instead, we employ the homomorphic ElGamal encryption and distribute the private key among the all voters to achieve complete privacy protection of voters. In such a way, all voters jointly compute the outcome of the election without revealing any further information of voters' individual preferences. An analysis of the protocol against the security requirements shows that the proposed protocol achieves complete privacy protection, public verifiability, weak robustness, in addition to others addressed by other protocols in the available literature. Copyright 2005 ACM.
著者Wang C., Leung H.-F.
會議名稱7th International Conference on Electronic Commerce, ICEC05
頁次646 - 652
關鍵詞approval voting, electronic voting, ElGamal encryption, privacy protection, security, universal verification, voter-resolved

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