Early-Stage Impaired Synovial Lymphatic Drainage Function in A Noninvasive Anterior Cruciate Ligament Rupture Mice Model
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摘要To investigate temporal changes in synovial lymphatic system (SLS) drainage function after Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury, a non-invasive ACL rupture model was used to induce the PTOA phenotype without altering the SLS structure.

We have created a non-invasive ACL rupture model in the right knee (single overload impact) of 12- week-old C57bl/6 male mice to mimic the ACL rupture-induced PTOA development. 70 kDa-TxRedDextran were injected into the right knee of the mice at 0, 1, 2, and 4 wks post modeling (n=5/group), and the fluorescence signal distribution and intensity were measured by the IVIS system at 1 and 6 hrs post-injection. After 24 hrs, the drainage lymph nodes and whole knee joint were harvested and subjected to ex vivo IVIS imaging and immunofluorescence detection respectively.

Manual ACL rupture was induced by 12N overloaded force and validated by a front drawer test. Intraarticular clearance of TxRed-Dextran detected by the IVIS was significantly reduced at 1, and 2 wks at a level of 43% and 55% respectively but was not significantly different from baseline levels at 4 wks (89%). TxRed-Dextran signal in draining lymph nodes was significantly reduced at 1 week at the level of but not for 2 and 4 wks compared to baseline levels (week 1–29%, week 2–50%, week 4–94%). TxRed-Dextran particle was significantly enriched in the synovium at 1, 2 wks but was not significantly different from baseline levels at 4 wks rupture-post ACL rupture (Particle numbers: Sham Ctrl-34 ±14, week 1, 113 ± 17; week 2, 89 ± 13; week 4, 46 ± 18; mean ± SD).

We observed the drainage function of SLS significantly decreased at 1 and 2 wks after the ACL rupture, and was slowly restored at 4 wks post-injury in a non-invasive ACL rupture model. Early impairment of SLS drainage function may lead to accumulation of inflammatory factors and promote PTOA progression.
著者Cao M., Zhu X., Ong M.T., Yung P.S., Jiang Y.
期刊名稱Orthopaedic Proceedings
期次Suppl. 9
頁次45 - 45

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