Paramedic activities, drug administration and survival from out of hospital cardiac arrest
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摘要Objective: To examine the impact of administration of cardioactive drugs on the outcome from out of hospital cardiac arrest. Design: Longitudinal observational cohort study with historical controls before and after the introduction of drug use in cardiac arrest by paramedics. Subjects: Adult patients who had sustained an out of hospital cardiac arrest of cardiac aetiology and were treated by paramedics. Setting: Edinburgh, Scotland. Outcome measures: Return of spontaneous circulation, admission to and discharge from hospital. Results: There was no significant difference in the demographics between Period 1 (prior to drug administration) and Period 2 (after). There was no difference in outcome between Period 1 and Period 2 for all three parameters, return of spontaneous output 30.1 versus 35%, admission to hospital 18.9 versus 24.5% and discharge 5.8 versus 6.5%. If the presenting rhythm of VF/pulseless VT alone was considered survival to hospital discharge was 12.1% in Period 1 and 10.3% in Period 2. Conclusion: The addition of cardioactive drug administration to the treatment of out of hospital cardiac arrest does not improve survival. (C) 2000 Elsevier Science Ireland Ltd.
著者Mitchell R.G., Guly U.M., Rainer T.H., Robertson C.E.
出版社Elsevier BV
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關鍵詞Cardiac arrest, Drug administration, Paramedic activities

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