Right ventricular diastolic dysfunction in heart failure
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AbstractLV diastolic dysfunction is recognized to be an important component of systolic HF and to be closely related to symptoms, severity of HF, and prognosis. In addition it can occasionally be the cause HF in the presence of normal systolic function-diastolic HF. Although RV systolic function has recently been recognized to be an equally important predictor of prognosis the role of RV diastolic filling and dysfunction has not received much attention. Recently in a large cohort of patients with HF we have demonstrated that RV diastolic function is frequently abnormal and that this is not related to elevated pulmonary artery pressure alone, although high pulmonary artery pressure is also associated with impaired RV function. The clinical significance of these observations is, at present, not clear, but the separate role of RV diastolic function in determining the symptoms and prognosis of HF is warranted.
All Author(s) ListSanderson J.E.
Journal nameCongestive Heart Failure
Volume Number3
Issue Number1
PublisherLe Jacq Communications, Inc.
Place of PublicationUnited States
Pages9 - 15
LanguagesEnglish-United Kingdom

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