The spectrum of chronic lymphoproliferative disorders in Hong Kong. A prospective study
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摘要We report the incidence of the chronic lymphoproliferative disorders evolving with leukaemia in Hong Kong. Our findings demonstrate that B cell malignancies are significantly more frequent than mature T cell neoplasms, a picture similar to that seen in Western countries but different from other Eastern countries, eg Japan, where T cell malignancies are more frequent. In contrast to the West, where chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL) is the most common disorder, in Hong Kong there is a clear predominance of B cell lymphomas in leukaemic phase accounting for two-thirds of the cases and particularly those displaying lymphoplasmacytic features or with villous lymphocytes. CLL in Hong Kong has similar clinical and laboratory features to the disease in patients from the West. Distinct disease categories, rare in the West such as the variant form of hairy cell leukaemia and T cell prolymphocytic leukaemia, are also documented. It is unclear whether the differences in prevalence of disease subtypes between Hong Kong and the West relate to different genetic background or environmental factors determinant of the development or progression of the leukaemia. Further studies investigating the genetic/molecular lesions may help to clarify whether the aetiopathogenesis of the lymphoid disorders in Hong Kong is similar to that of Western countries.
著者Chan L.C., Lam C.K., Yeung T.C., Chu R.W., Ng M., Chow E.Y.D., Wickham N., Matutes E.
出版社Nature Publishing Group
出版地United Kingdom
頁次1964 - 1972
關鍵詞Chronic lymphoproliferative disorders, Hong Kong, Leukaemias, Prevalence

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