Realization of stable ferromagnetic order in a topological insulator: Codoping-enhanced magnetism in 4 f transition metal doped Bi2Se3
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AbstractThe quantum anomalous Hall effect (QAHE) originates from a combination of the spin-orbital coupling and the breaking of time-reversal symmetry due to intrinsic ferromagnetic ordering and was recently observed in Cr and V doped magnetic topological insulators (TIs). However, it was only observed at extremely low temperatures due to the low ferromagnetic Curie temperature and the tiny magnetically induced gap. To fully understand the mechanism of the ferromagnetic ordering, thereby improving the ferromagnetism, we investigated 4f transition metal doped Bi2Se3, using density functional theory approaches. We predict that Eu and Sm can introduce stable long-range ferromagnetic states in Bi2Se3, with largemagnetic moments and low impurity disorders. Additionally, codoping is proposed to tune the Fermi level into the gap, which simultaneously improves the magnetic moment and the incorporation of magnetic ions. Our findings, thus, offer a step in facilitating the realization of QAHE in TI systems.
All Author(s) ListBei Deng, Yiou Zhang, S. B. Zhang, Yayu Wang, Ke He, Junyi Zhu
Journal namePhysical Review B
Detailed descriptionArticle Number: 054113
Volume Number94
Issue Number5
LanguagesEnglish-United Kingdom
Web of Science Subject CategoriesPhysics, Condensed Matter;Physics

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